Selected writings

I cover human rights, politics, to environmental issues. I have been promoting gender balanced reporting and introducing intersectionalitya technique that change journalist way to look more on the power & division in society and expose its impact to the underrepresented communities, particularly to women and children. Applying the technique, have sharpened my investigation. 

‘We are afraid’: Erin Brockovich pollutant linked to global electric car boom, Tom Levitt (co-writer), The Guardian, 2022. 

The Silent Song, Rest Of World, 2021. 

Turning fear into strength’: One woman’s struggle for justice and land rights in Sulawesi, The Gecko Project, Mongabay, 2020. 

Inside the weaving protests of West Timor, The Gecko Project, Mongabay, 2020.

The women of Kendeng set their feet in cement to stop a mine in their lands. This is their story, The Gecko Project, Mongabay, 2020. 

FILM: Our Mothers’ Land,, 2020. (Special Mention, One World Media Awards 2021) 

Papuan Tribes Fear Sacrifice of Sago Forest that Stave Off Hunger, Thomson Reuters Foundation, 2020. 

Global Protest Throw Spotlight on Alleged Police Abuse in West Papua, The Guardian, 2020. 

How Black Lives Matter Inspired West Papua’s Freedom Struggle, Jacobin, 2020.

‘Hold on Brother’: Final Days of Doomed Crew on Chinese Shark Finning Boat, Karen McVeigh (co-writer), The Guardian, 2020. 

Indonesians Fear Democracy is the Next Pandemic Victim, Foreign Policy, 2020. Confusion Blights Indonesia’s Battle Against Coronavirus, Stephanie Palma (co-writer), Financial Times, 2020. 

The Unbroken Spirit of Benny Wenda, New Naratif, 2020. 

The Consultant: Why did a palm oil conglomerate pay $22m to an unnamed ‘expert’ in Papua? The Gecko Project, Mongabay, 2020 (contribute writer). 

The International People’s Tribunal for 1965 and the Indonesian Genocide, Routledge, 2019 (contributed writer). 

Bali Rockers Rage Against Reclamation in Indonesia’s Tourist Hub, Al Jazeera, 2019.

Cycle of Revenge: Children Join Papuan Rebels in Indonesia, Al Jazeera, 2019. Frightened and Displaced, Papuan Children Haunted by Conflict, Al Jazeera, 2019. Indonesia Election and the Role of its Powerful Military, Al Jazeera, 2019.

The Long Struggle of Women’s Movement in Indonesia Politics, Lowy Institute, 2019.

Jakarta's Water Woes, New Internationalist, 2018.  

Food for thoughts: Sulawesi's "Healing Kitchen"Lowy Institute, 2018. 

The Making of a Female ISIS Bomber, New Naratif, 2018. 

What You Should Have Been Taught About The Indonesian Mass Killings Of 1965-6, Vincent Bevins (co-writer), Explore Parts Unknown-Anthony Bourdain, 2018. 

The Elephant In The Newsroom, Asrida Elisabeth (co-writer), New Naratif, 2018.

Indonesia’s LGBT crackdown, Lowy Institute, 2018. 

A Tribe In Indonesia's Surf Paradise Is Facing Down an Energy Firm That Wants Their Land, VICE, 2018. (Winner of SOPA Awards-Excellent on environment reporting 2019) 

A Tragic, Forgotten Place: Poverty and Death in Indonesia’s Land of Gold, TIME, 2017.

A Trans Woman Tries to Reverse Stigma in Indonesia, VICE, 2016. 

Taking the Cop Out of Copulation, The Economist, 2016.

The Golden Feet of Sukinah, Kendeng’s Heroine, Jakarta Post, 2016. 

Aleta Baun: Mother of Mollo, Jakarta Post, 2016. 

When ‘home’ is a refugee camp, Rappler, 2015.